Vegan Aesthetics

Pennie Mills is the owner and founder of Vegan Aesthetics and author of the Compassionate Blend. “The unwavered focus of Vegan Aesthetics is to create beautiful, artful products for everyone without using animal derived materials.”

Pennie has been in the hand-crafting business since 1998, “I guess you could say that I am lifestyle driven, crafting with compassion, simplicity and beauty. I enjoy creating purposely minimal, uncomplicated, meaningful designs that are fresh looking and comfortable to wear. “

She is a licensed massage therapist with a lifelong love for natural living & beauty. Vegan and a supporter of animal rights, she is involved with and donates continuously to animal charities. She is also a survivor fighting malignant melanoma, an aggressive and often fatal form of skin cancer. Raising awareness about melanoma and living well is high on her agenda!

Pennie and her husband have been married for 23 years and reside on Florida’s east coast with their four much-loved felines.